Kitty Stampede|| Tutorial


Hey guys! Im squeezing time out of my very busy schedule to post up a tutorial for my week’s mani “kitty stampede”. Why? Everyone seem to love it.. So I thought why not show them how to achieve this on their own. Ikr, I’m super nice. Dont mention it…

Kitty Stampede. How I came up with this name I have no idea, but I really do love it. 😊
Here, I will be showing pictorials of how I did my kitty stampede. Now let’s get down to business.

1. Q-tips
2. Dotting tool
3. Opi “in the spot light pink”
4. Forever black nail polish
5. Base coat
6. Top coat
7. A piece of tin foil

1. Wash hands with warm water and disinfect.
2. Push back or trim any excess curticle
3. Wipe nails with cotton wool soaked in nail polish remover.
4. File nails then buff using a nail buffer.

1. Apply base coat, allow to dry.
2. Apply polish of your choice.(I used opi in the spotlight pink and forever black nail polish). Allow to dry.
3. Add a few drops of each polish into the tin foil for easier dipping.
4. Dip the tips of the cotton swab and dotting tool into the polish and begin dotting. (I used the q-tip for the sole and the dotter tool for the toes).
5. Allow to dry then apply top coat.


If you try these, take a photo and tag me. I’d love to see it😊
Until we meet again stay beautiful.


What mani are you wearing for the week? Do let me know in the comment section below.

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