My favourite makeup products || Review

This is a guest post by Uche of Chay’s glam. She’s an amazing friend, makeup lover and an incurable makeup addict.I have known Uche for a long time. And when I say she is good at what she does, trust me, I aint bluffing. As she’s one of the very few I can trust my face with for a makeover expecting a flawless result. Follow her on instagram @chays_glam


Hey guys! Today I will be doing a review post of some of my favourite makeup products.
1. Sacha buttercup powder.
Sacha buttercup , my best setting powder of all time that prevents my highlight from creasing, also serves its purpose as an oil control powder.
Retails for 7500 naira.

2. Becca ever matte poreless priming perfector.
The name says it all. It keeps my makeup lasting all day and gives an extra matte look especially around the ‘t-zone’. I purchased it off their website and got it shipped to Nigeria for about 40pounds.

3. Estée Lauder
I have tried so many foundations but double wear can’t be beat! One of my fav high end foundations. Its my go to when I want a fuller coverage.
Retails for 22000 naira.

4. Kylie lipkit.
Kylie lipkit smells like heaven lol. It has a smooth consistency and a matte finish. Definitely a great buy. Retails for 12000 naira.

5. Colour pop ultra matte lipstick.
Colour pop lipsticks are affordable and they have a wide range of colours. Nice pigmentation too. Retails for 4500 naira.

6. Slay All Day.
Slay all day setting spray in green tea and lavender. These two babies smell like….its indescribable. They help set my makeup and remove the powdery look on my face leaving it with a clean dewy finish. Retails for $22

7. Lashes (not branded)
My favourite lashes for the moment. The fuller ones are used to achieve a more dramatic look.
Pros: beautiful and wispy
Cons: not to be used if you want a simple look. Retails for 2000 naira.

8. Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit.
Glow kit contains four different shades of highlight suitable for women of colour. These shades take your makeup look from a matte finish to another level of glow. Retails for 16000 naira.
PS- prices may vary depending on where you decide to purchase yours.

These are few of my favourite makeup products. I hope this helps you in deciding which products to spend your money on.

What are your favourite makeup products? Do share them with me in the comment section below. Until we meet again, stay beautiful 😙


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