Orly Fired up-flare.

There are nail polishes you know you would love but somehow you always forget to purchase them because there is yet another limited edition shade you need or another new collection which keeps your wallet occupied. Orly Fired up-flare is such a nail polish which I always had my eyes on but somehow never bought. Thanks to the lady I met at the nail store. I finally own this beauty. Now, I can wear it with as my new mani.


Flare is from the orly fired up collection, which brings us six shades ranging from a soft neutral to dark and vampy shades. The colours in this collection are glow, flare, flicker, ignite, smolder and rapture.


Today I will be showing you swatches of flare.

Flare is a pale gold shimmer. I have a soft spot for gold polishes because I find them going really well with my skin tone. Flare is in a clear base so you will need a few coats if you want it opaque, or use it as a topping over a base colour. I still think it looks good with just two medium coats for a semi sheer finish.

I totally love this look. But then thought of wearing my flare polish differently by creating my own version of a leopard print.

If you would love to see a pictorial of how I achieved this? All you need do is let me know in the comment section below. As I will be happy to put up a post about it.
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