Sneakers nail art || Tutorial

Hey guysssss! I’m super excited this morning. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea 🙈
Today I will be sharing a tutorial post on how I achieved my sneakers nails yaaaay. Excited yh? Trust me, you should be.😉

1. Opi- A Good Man-Darlin Is Hard To Find
2. Gordon nail polish in the shade lime
3. Orly bonder
4. Ruby kisses quick dry top coat
5. Forever white polish
6. Forever black polish
7. Dotting tool
8. Striper
9. Nail dryer

Step1: After prepping the nails by filing, shaping, buffing, pushing back cuticles and applying orly border as base, apply two coats of your chosen colour(s). I used opi- a good man-darlin is hard to find. And gordon in the shade lime.

Step2: I set my polished nails in the nail dryer for about 3 minutes.
Step3: paint the tips white with a slight semi circle.
Step4: set in the dryer for another 2minutes.
Step5: with a striper dipped in white polish apply criss-cross pattern on the coloured part of nails for the laces. Dry for about 2 minutes in your nail dryer.
Step6: With a striper dipped in black polish, line the edge of the nails.
Step7: pour a few drops of black polish on a piece of tin foil to dip dotting tool in and then apply black dots to each corner of the criss-cross pattern. With an angled nail brush dipped in acetone wipe away nail polish on the edges of the nails.
Set in the nail dryer for 3 minutes to dry then finish up with a top coat. For top coat I used the ruby kisses quick dry.photogrid_1471066467504.jpg
I love this topcoat because it gives my mani a high gloss finish. photogrid_1471067329601.jpg
And this is the finished product of my back to school sneaker manicure.

If you try creating your own sneakers mani. Take a photo and do tag me.can’t wait to see what you come up with.
Until we meet again stay beautiful.


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