My Christmas Wishlist.


Its 5 days to Christmas and I’m super excited. Yaaaay.
I loved Christmas growing up as a child. I anticipated Christmas more than every other holiday. My Christmas clothes, shoes, toys got me so excited. I always made my Christmas hair a day to Christmas, so that it looked as fab as possible, and won’t let my friends see my hair till Christmas’ morning, because I didn’t want anyone to copy my

I guess I’m a little too old for all that now. I just sit back waiting on Christmas like 😩. So instead I made a mental wishlist to give out to family members, friends, secret admirers and well wishers who may wish to buy me a present this Christmas.
Here are some of the items on my wishlist.

What more can any girl want, really, than anything and everything from Burberry
1.Burberry nail polish signature collection

2.Burberry blue label crestbridge backpack

3.Thigh high boots

4.Clear boots

5.Full frontal closure

6.Diamond band ring

7.Khloe’s good american jeans

8.Dior shades

9.Chocolate hamper

With this list, picking my Christmas present won’t be so hard anymore😉.

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