Hey beauties! It’s been forever *sighs* I have got alot on my plate. With school, exams and all. But I am here now, so we gon’be spending a whole lot of time together.

I’m back with another amazing, super exciting budget friendly post. Today we’re talking DUPES.
What are dupes?
Dupes are less expensive but comparable version of high-end or discontinued products.

High-end nail polishes might be every polish-holic’s guilty pleasure, but are not THE only thing that can help you get those beautiful, trendy colours without the huge sacrifice, all thanks to alternatives to high-end nail polishes called DUPES.

Now, I love love Christian louboutin nail polishes so much but sometimes I just can’t afford a 28000 naira nail polish. The Christian louboutin batignolles is one super cute polish you might have heard of. With just one coat you can achieve a perfect, totally interesting yet quite delicate manicure. The only downside is the price. Why not try drugstore brand salon perfect instead. Its perfect dupe called “robin’s egg” will prove to be a great, budget friendly, not to mention easy to find alternative for your new, fun manicure.

Christian louboutin escatin is one hard to resist polish right there. But the good news is that no need to break the bank though as “opi’s my paprika is hotter than yours” looks the same yet doesn’t cost nearly as much.

I really do hope you all enjoyed my ideas for mimicking the gorgeous Christian louboutin high-end brand of nail polish while being mindful of my budget. If you guys have found any awesome dupes please share them with me, as I am always open to learning more too. Please LIKE, SHARE AND CHECK BACK FOR MORE POSTS. Until we meet again, stay beautiful.


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